Nashville Cats : salute to Richard Bennett :

Steve Earle pays tribute to Richard Bennett :

Neil Diamond , Under A Tennessee Moon , with RB footage :

Richard recorded for David Peterson's "Old Time Power" :
From the David Peterson Bluegrass Gospel Sessions "Old Time Power" .

Richard as The Cherry Bombs member in 1982 :
The personnel on these are: Larrie Londin-drums, Hank DeVito-electric and steel guitar, Emory Gordy-bass, Tony Brown-piano and a 31 year old Richard Bennett playing lead electric guitar.
From the Austin City Limits television show :

With Cerys Matthews in 2003 :

RB for Steve Earle 1986 , New Country :

RB for Steve Earle 1987 , New Country :

RB at a meet 'n greet with Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris :

Kieran Kane w/ David Olney - "Don't Try To Fight It" - Sept. 3, 2009 .
from his "Somewhere Beyond The Roses" CD Release Show • The Basement • Nashville, TN
Kieran Kane - Banjo/Lead Vox, Richard Bennett - Guitar, Lucas Kane - Percussion, Deanna Varagona - Baritone Sax

Richard and Dave Peterson: "T For Texas"

"Billy in the Lowground" at David Peterson's CD Release Concert for "Comin' On Strong" 2009 .

Richard in an old video with Becky Hobbs (1989)

Richard , Emmylou Harris and Mark Knopfler with Red Staggerwing

Thelonious Moog: Take 5, 6 &7 The Long Version!

Queen Of Hearts with Rodney Crowell

Cherry Bombs

Thelonious Moog does "CARAVAN"

Whoop De Doo with Mark Knopfler

See how Richard plays the entire Romeo and Juliet solo

Daddy's Gone To Knoxville with Mark Knopfler

Leaving Louisiana In The Broad Daylight with Rodney Crowell : Richard on electric guitar, Larry London drums, Tony Brown keyboards, Emory Gordy Jr. bass, Hank De Vito pedal steel

The Bellamy Brothers + Larry Williams' song "Let Your Love Flow" + RB's stinging guitars = 1970's pure pop ...

Cerys Matthews , Only A Fool

Richard on stage with Neil Diamond , performing "Forever In Blue Jeans" ,
the song that was co-written by Richard.

Desiree with Neil and his fantastic bandmates at that time.

Richard on stage with Steve Earle, performing "Guitar Town"

Steve Earle , performing "Good Ol' Boy" co-written by Richard

Richard on stage with Mark Knopfler, performing "Last Exit To Brooklyn"

Richard on stage with Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris , performing "Born To Run"

Richard on stage with Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris , performing "I Dug Up A Diamond"

Fooling around with Mark Knopfler

Mark Knopfler Meet ‘n Greet 2005 Madrid

Meet 'n Greet with Mark Knopfler Bulgaria 2008

Meet 'n Greet with Mark Knopfler Helsinki 2008

Meet 'n Greet with Mark Knopfler at the Royal Albert Hall , London

Vince Gill about a gift from Richard

Hilarious video with The Notorious Cherry Bombs

The tune for this song, Finlandia, is an important Finnish national song (though not Finland's national anthem). The song opens with a beautiful guitar solo by Richard Bennett, called "Fields Of Plenty". The renowned Stuart Duncan on fiddle.