Oldies with Richard

Update 18/0/2022 : Richard for Sam Neely , Down Home , 1974 : follow this link to find out the tracks Richard played on.

Update 12/01/2019 : Richard for Lost and Profound , Miracles Happen , 1994 : Richard co-wrote Miracles Happen and also produced and played guitars on the rest of the album. He says its one of the best things he's ever been involved with.

Update 14/11/2018 : Richard for T-Bone Walker , together with Dizzy Gillespie , Evening

Update 14/11/2018 : Richard for T-Bone Walker , 1973 :

Update 14/11/2018 : Richard for Gene Vincent , The Day The World Turned Blue :

Update 14/11/2018 : Richard for Billy Joel , Captain Jack :

Update 06/10/2014 : Margo Guryan's new video "California Shake" :
Margo Guryan released a new video for his 70's song "California Shake" about earthquakes in California,
words and music are from Margo Guryan and Richard Bennett :

Update 20/11/2012 : Richard for David Francey :
David Francey's song Yesterday's News with Richard on electrics , it's from the album Late Edition , recorded in 20011 ,you can find here a few picture's :

Yesterday's News

Update 20/11/2012 : Richard for Danni Leigh :
Richard co-produced the Danni Leigh album Shot of Whiskey and a Prayer in 2001
He also played on the record Guitars and Percussion, if you want to hear a nice song from the album, here you go with "Honey I Do" :
You can read here about the special circumstances during the recordings.
And this is what Danni told about working with Richard in this biography :
Shaking off her setback, Leigh was quickly welcomed to the Monument Records roster. Richard Bennett and Emory Gordy, Jr., the production team behind Steve Earle's heralded Guitar Town disc, came aboard to produce A Shot Of Whiskey & A Prayer. "Those two men have made some of the best records ever," Leigh says. "I felt like I had lucky charms hanging all over me. It took longer to find the right songs than it did to record the album. That process really moved right along."

Honey I Do

Update 20/11/2012 : Richard for Hal Ketchum :
Hal Ketchum's song I Saw The Light in 1998 with Richard on acoustics :

I Saw The Light

Update 19/11/2012 : Richard for George Ducas :
Richard produced the George Ducas album Where I Stand back in 1997
He also played on the record Guitars, Piano, Keyboards and Tambourine, if you want to hear a nice song from the album, here you go with "You're Only My Everything" :
You can read here a little review about the album.

You're Only My Everything

Update 06/05/2013 : Richard for Mandy Barnett :
Richard wrote the melody for this tune, the fellow who wrote the lyrics went by his first name only, Kostas.

Mandy Barnett - I'll Just Pretend 1996

Update 24/01/2013 : Richard for Billy Pilgrim :

Billy Pilgrim - Closed Down from the album "Bloom" 1995

Update 19/11/2012 : Richard and Kim Richey :
Back in 1995 Richard produced and played on Kim Richey's self entitled debut album .
Richard played Acoustic, Electric Guitar, Mandolin-guitarophone, Slide Guitar and Tiple.
Kim told in this interview with Pure Music how it was to work with Richard (on page 4):
And then Richard and I met. And I just loved him right off the bat. And we were going around to a couple different record companies, and we said we wanted to make a record together. And they were like, “Have you guys ever worked together before?” We were like, “No, but we really like each other.” They didn’t seem too interested. I talked to a bunch of different record companies. And then Mercury decided that they wanted me to make a record. And I think they had some other producer people in mind. But I was old enough at that point to say, “Well, you know, this is what I want to do. And if you are interested in me doing that, then that’d be great, but I’m making a record with Richard.” And they said okay. So I made a record with Richard, which I absolutely loved. I had just the most wonderful time making that record with him, and had every intention in the world to work with him again on the second record. But then he ended up going out with Mark Knopfler and being in Mark Knopfler’s band, so he couldn’t do it. And it just broke my heart that he couldn’t do it.

Kim Richey - Good 1995

Update 19/11/2012 : Richard and Marty Brown :
Richard produced and played on Marty's album Cryin',Lovin',Leaving', you can hear here the wonderful Too Blue To Cry with Marty's brother Mike Brown on harmonica :

Marty Brown – Too Blue To Cry

Update 19/11/2012 : Richard for Emmylou Harris :
Richard produced Emmylou's album Cowgirl's Prayer back in 1993
He also played on the record , if you want to hear a nice song from the album,with Richard on guitar ,here you go with "You Don't Know Me" :

You Don't Know Me

Update 30/10/2012 : Richard and Waylon Jennings :
Rose In Paradise is a song from Waylon Jennings' album Hangin' Tough in 1987 with Richard on the acoustic guitar .

Rose In Paradise

Update 08/01/2013 : Richard and Sissy Spacek , Hangin' Up My Heart :
Sissy Spacek was produced by Rodney Crowell when still lived in L.A.

Sissy Spacek - Hangin' Up My Heart 1983

Update 08/01/2013 : Richard and Arlan Day , I Surrender :
Arlan Day was a UK classical pianist who took a stab at pop with this single and album.
Pasha was a label that was distributed by CBS. This particular song was one of Pasha's earliest singles and was unusual for Pasha because it was pure Adult Contemporary radio pop instead of the harder rock they were better known for.

Arlan Day - I Surrender , 1981

Update 30/10/2012 : Richard and Guy Clark :
Richard played on all tracks of Guy Clark's album The South Coast of Texas in 1981 . You can listen here to "Calf Rope"

Guy Clark – Calf Rope

Guy Clark – Rita Ballou

Update 30/10/2012 : Richard and Bud Tutmarc :
Bud was a good friend of Richard and a wonderful Hawaiian steel guitar player who lived in Seattle.
He was a protege of the legendary Hawaiian guitarist from the 20s through the early 50s, Sol Hoopii .
Sol had relocated from Los Angeles to Seattle in the 40s and befriended Bud. Richard knew Bud since the 80s when he called him to say he was a fan and asked if he wanted to come to a Neil Diamond concert they were doing there.
They quickly became friends and they had a little jam session at his home at that time . Several years after moving to Nashville, Richard ended up playing on one of Bud's albums, Unforgettables 2, that he'd come to town to record it.
It was a great honour playing on that record for Richard as he was such a fan of him. The last time Richard saw him was at a show he did in Seattle in 2001 with Mark Knopfler.
He invited him and his sons to the show and he enjoyed it so much. Richard remembers Bud sitting in the audience just a few rows from the front looking up and beaming at him.
Bud Tutmarc died in December 2006. You can find some nice words, written by Richard when Bud passed away here . It's a great website , if you're interested: www.budtutmarc.com .
You can check Bud's albums here .
You can listen to a few songs from the jam session here :

Lady Be Good Sweet Georgia Brown Twilight Blues

Update 26/10/2012 : Richard and Jim Silvers :
Richard produced a couple of albums on Jim back in '78 and '80 . Both albums were country, leaning hard in a bluegrass/rockabilly direction .
You can read here an article about them .
And in this interview with Neil Diamond fans Richard tells this about Jim :
I first met Jim Silvers in June of 1969. I remember it clearly as I'd just moved to Los Angeles after graduating high school and started teaching guitar in a music store in Hollywood. Silvers wandered through the door wanting to take some Dobro lessons and was my first student. He was about 15 years older than I, but we shared a great passion for old hillbilly music and began hanging out together. He had been a singer in various country and bluegrass bands over the years. Jim landed a deal at a label called CMH in 1978 and asked if I would help produce the record and really it was the first album I produced that actually was released. A couple of years later we did another record for a label called Rollin' Rock, a decidedly rockablilly company and ethic. That too was released, though the combined sales of both were very low. My friend Richard Weize of Bear Family liked both albums enough to re-release them along with a few unreleased demos that we did.

You Gotta Get All The Girls Know You Are Cowboy 1978

Update 20/10/2012 : Great review today on Jim Stafford's 1973 album on which Richard played lead guitar .
Richard played on a couple of albums by Stafford and actually had a couple of big pop hits back then.
Read it here .

Update 21/08/2012 : Neil Diamond's band introduction back in 1977 :

Here's a band introduction from Neil Diamond back in 1977 , it includes Richard's old bandmates : Alan Lindgren , Vince Charles , Tom Hensley , Reinie Press , Dennis St. John , Linda Press , Doug Rhone , King Errison , Emory Gordy and Richard himself :

Update 24/10/2012 : Neil Diamond & Richard "Under a Tennessee Moon" :

This was from a live tv special in Nashville for the Tennessee Moon album that Neil recorded there. The last song, No Limit, Richard co-wrote with Neil:

Update 21/08/2012 : Richard on pedal steel and high string guitar for Eric Anderson in 1975 :
Comment from Richard :
That's me on steel ( but certainly not in the video , it's not an original video ) and high string guitar along with the other musicians listed, Alan Lindgren, Dennis St. John and Emory Gordy. The four of us made up the core of Neil Diamond's band at that time and for a number of years after. We were a rhythm section to be reckoned with and were often hired all together for what we did. I doubt that I've heard that cut since the day it was recorded in late 1974.

Eric Andersen – OL’ 55 (this is not an original video)

Update 21/08/2012 : Richard on pedal steel guitar for Lobo in 1975 :

And in this interview with Neil Diamond fans Richard tells how he became involved with Lobo:
Most of us worked together as a recording rhythm section before we joined up with Neil and prided ourselves, rightly or wrongly, on being a good little band. We would often get called for record dates as a unit and that's how we ended up on the Lobo things. A fellow named Phi Gernhard produced those records as well as The Bellamy Brothers and Jim Stafford that we all played on.

A Cowboy Afraid Of Horses

Update 06/05/2012 : Richard back in 1975 with Kenny Rankin playing on the song People Get Ready :

Kenny Rankin - People Get Ready

Update 06/05/2012 : Richard back in 1974 with Dave Mason playing pedal steel on the song Every Woman :

Dave Mason - Every Woman

Update 06/05/2012 : Richard back in 1974 with Harriet Schock on the album She's Low Clouds with My Heart :

Harriet Schock - My Heart

Update 28/06/2012 : Richard back in 1974 for Digby Richards:
Here's a song from Digby Richards with Richard on guitar : If I Could Write A Love Song

If I Could Write A Love Song

Update 09/10/2013: A blast from the past, Richard on acoustic for Neil Diamond on Play Me:

This song (a medium-tempo waltz, features broken chords) receives a fuller treatment,
including the resources of the string orchestra.
The highlight of the performance however is Richard's acoustic guitar solo.

Update 27/06/2012 : Richard back in 1972 with The Letterman on their album Letterman 1:

This is what Richard tells us about the record :

That's me playing electric, slide and acoustic guitars. The Lettermen were all good guys and singers. When they began having hits in the early 60's they, like many vocal groups of that time, were great admirers of The Four Freshmen. The Lettermen slightly reshaped the Freshmen sound to fit the pop music of the era and of course they were three and not four.

I'm Only Sleeping

Update 06/05/2012 : Richard back in 1972 with Dorsey Burnette on his album Here and Now with Healin' Savin' Sanctifyin' Love :

Dorsey Burnette - Healin' Savin' Sanctifyin' Love

And again with Dorsey Burnette on the song I Just Couldn't Let Her Walk Away :
Dorsey Burnette - I Just Couldn't Let Her Walk Away

Update 06/05/2012 : Richard back in 1972 with Marty Cooper on his album A Minute Of Your Time with The Indiana Girl :

Marty Cooper - The Indiana Girl

Update 26/06/2012 : Richard back in 1972 with Spooner Oldham , Dennis St. John and Emory Gordy Jr.

Here's an old tune from 1972 , it's from Spooner Oldham's album Pot Luck and it's called The Lord Loves A Rolling Stone.

Richard was reunited with Spooner last weekend for the Duane Eddy and Dan Dugmore sessions. Sadly enough Richard's friend Dennis St. John died a few weeks ago on June 5th 2012 . This is what Richard tells us about the record :

It's an incredibly obscure album . The four of us on that record were very busy in that period as a rhythm section on records. Spooner and I talked about all that when I saw him last week for the Duane Eddy and Dan Dugmore session. Funnily enough after that period ended, I seldom recorded with Spooner anymore, though would see him from time to time. The session we did with Duane was the first time we've played together in probably 30 years.

Update 26/06/2012 : Richard back in 1972 with Barbara Keith :

Richard played on two songs on Barbara Keith's self titled album , you can listen here to the wonderful "The Bramble and The Rose" , it was Neil Diamond's band , Emory Gordy Jr. , Dennis St John , Spooner Oldham and Richard with Barbara.

Barbara Keith - The Bramble and the Rose

Update 12/08/2015 : Richard in 1969 (!) for Billy Joe Roberts :

One of the first sessions Richard Bennett played on in Los Angeles (at age 18) was for Billy Joe Roberts' album Beer Drinking Music (1969). The album was made for the Sunset label which was a subsidiary of Liberty. Sunset was sold as a budget brand in drug stores and discount shops for $1.98. Richard plays on two songs, Bubbles In My Beer and Driving Nails In My Coffin. The steel guitar player on the record is the great Buddy Emmons who was living in Los Angeles at that time doing sessions and playing bass for Roger Miller. You can listen to Driving Nails In My Coffin here :

Driving Nails In My Coffin

Bubbles In My Beer

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