Feel free to leave a comment here .

About Richard Bennett , studio veteran of 50+ years, record producer, longtime Neil Diamond and Mark Knopfler guitarist :
To give a quick resume about the career from Richard Bennett is very difficult. Bennett (born 1951) has played with or produced many records for other artists. For example he produced / worked / played with Al Casey, his mentor (when he died Richard wrote : I'll be flying solo now, but my wings are strong because I learned from the very best, Al Casey. See ya pal, I love you.), Phil Lee , Emmylou Harris , Steve Earl , Waylon Jennings , Neil Diamond , Barbara Streisand , Eddy Duane , Billy Joel , Vince Gill ,Miranda Lambert and many others. We also know Richard as the guitarist in Mark Knopfler’s band . Richard released his sixth solo album called “Ballads In Otherness” in August 2018.

Find Richard also here :

Latest news section
Update 08/02/2019

Richard's new E.P."Four Buck Folk" is released Feb 8, 2019.
You can find Richard's Notes From The Road here :
Mark Knopfler tour, 2019

*find the fansite on Facebook and Twitter*

You can
order Richard's
albums if you click
on the cover :
Richard Bennett fansite

Update 11/09/2019 : Richard on Marty Stuart's Unreleased ‘Been Lonely Too Long’ Off Upcoming ‘The Pilgrim’ Reissue::

Been Lonely Too Long- with Richard Bennett, Harry Stinson, Glenn Worf, Barry Beckett, Terri Wilson, Mick Conley, and Marty Stuart (Unreleased Pilgrim project demo).
In celebration of the album’s 20th anniversary, on October 18th Stuart will release the LP for the first time on vinyl in a deluxe edition, which will also include a bonus CD featuring 10 previously unreleased tracks featuring Earl Scruggs, Uncle Josh Graves, Ralph Stanley, and Emmylou Harris.

Among the unreleased tracks is a demo recording of “Been Lonely Too Long,” a simmering blues-rock tune featuring a host of veteran musicians backing Stuart, including Richard Bennett, Harry Stinson, Glenn Worf, Barry Beckett, Terri Wilson, and Mick Conley. “I’m like a bottle that’s broken, a wheel that won’t turn/ I still got the fire but it don’t burn, baby, without you,” the singer laments. The song’s determined tone echoes the opportunity for reevaluation that comes with the release of this now-enhanced reissue of an acclaimed, yet underappreciated recording project.

Update 22/07/2019 : Here's a compilation from Richard Bennett pictures during Mark Knopfler's Down The Road Wherever Europe tour 2019:

Update 08/02/2019 : Richard Bennett's new release, Four Buck Folk :

Order "Four Buck Folk" here at CD Baby

There’s not much you can purchase for four bucks these days. Four bucks is the new two bits… that’s 25¢ for those too young for a shave and a haircut.

Four bucks.

What about it?

On completing the Ballads In Otherness record I threw myself straight back to writing and into the studio again to begin a new album; a very different record from the others. I quickly recorded and mixed four tunes with an eye to what may follow. Then again, these may end up on the cutting room floor when it’s all said and done but the thing is, I’m really pleased with how they turned out, how they sound and how these four tunes hang together as a piece. For the sessions I gathered the usual bunch of mates and musicians as well as some new friends and a few old compadres. Altogether they make up The New Folkswingers and we’re so excited about this folk flavoured project that Moderne Shellac decided to release an E.P.

These four tunes will be available exclusively through CD Baby as a download only….no hard copies, CDs or vinyl, no streaming and not accessible through other formats or services.

Here it is, Four Freshly minted Fab Folk Faves For Four bucks….Richard Bennett and The New Folkswingers….. “Four Buck Folk.” Available now ….

Update 31/01/2019 : Neil Diamond's "Sunflower" 1977 :
Neil Diamond's "Sunflower" 1977 : Richard Bennett plays both the pedal steel on the right side of the mix and the slide Dobro on the left side.

Richard and Neil's band played also on Glen Campbell's version :

Here's another previous unheard Neil Diamond song with Richard Bennett on pedal steel "Moonlight Rider":

Update 15/11/2018 : Craft Brewed Music launched !
Craft Brewed Music is a curated streaming service for adventurous listeners wanting to discover music outside the mainstream….above, below and to either side of the radar.
Richard is extremely pleased that his music has been chosen and that he's included as one of their artists.
You can hear a free 10-song sampler (CBM Flight) or have total access via subscription (CBM Growler) at $5/per month or $50/per year.
That’s a lot of great and interesting music for very little money. If you like what you hear, please subscribe.
When you do a dropdown box will appear asking how you heard about CBM… please use Richard's name.
You can find out more at Craft Brewed Music.

Update 01/08/2018 : New album from Richard "Ballads In Otherness" :

Richard's new album "Ballads In Otherness" is released , you can listen to samples here and there's also a beautiful comment from Neil Diamond .
You can find here some comments from Richard about the album.

The fansite did an interview with Richard about his new album , you can find it here.
Ballads In Otherness review in : Premier Guitar
and on Richard's website .

Update 26/09/2018 : Richard plays on the new Mark Knopfler album , Down The Road Wherever :
Richard plays on the new Mark Knopfler album , Down The Road Wherever , you can order it here.

There's also a glimpse from Richard Bennett in the single's video "Good On You Son" :

Update 04/11/2018 : Richard plays on Rodney Crowell's latest album : Christmas Everywhere
Rodney Crowell's latest album "Christmas Everywhere" is available , with some guitar licks from Richard Bennett. Find some info here

Update 17/06/2018 :
Taken at today's induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame of Mickey Raphael as a 'Nashville Cat'.
RB with fellow Cats, Duane Eddy and Jimmy Capps. Photo credit, Deed Eddy

Update 03/05/2018 : New Richard Bennett album in 2018 : "Ballads In Otherness"
Richard shall release a new album in 2018 , "Ballads In Otherness" .
He told this about "Ballads In Otherness" on his website :
It’s mixed and mastered and we’re just waiting for the artwork and layout. It looks to be a summer release for Ballads In Otherness. Strange title? Yes.
Especially as all the tunes are not slow, but I prefer an older definition of the word ballad as meaning a song or melody that tells a story regardless of tempo.
As for ‘otherness’, my music certainly leans to ‘other’. Anyway, I’m very pleased with it all and can’t wait to get it out there.

Update 12/02/2018 : Richard for the upcoming Phil Lee album :
Recording session for the new Phil Lee album with George Bradfute and Bill Lloyd at Tone Chaparral , Madison :

Update 11/01/2018 : Charlie Worsham about Marty Stuart's "Tempted" and Richard's great solo in that song :
Charlie Worsham about Marty Stuart's "Tempted" and Richard's great solo in that song in Rare Country :

Update 21/10/2017 : Bennett's memory box :
Bennett's memory box for Neil Diamond's world tour 2017 .
Music from :
Richard Bennett , Code Red Cloud Nine
Pangs (Nashville band) , Rubicon

Update 21/05/2017 : Interview with Richard and Nick Bennett about the Neil Diamond's 50th Anniversary Tour :

The fansite did an interview with Richard and Nick Bennett, hope you enjoy the interview with Richard and Nick Bennett interview as NDRRT members 2017

Update 11/04/2017 : Richard Bennett with the Neil Diamond band 2017 :

On this page you can find all the info collected during the tour.

Update 10/08/2017 : Here are some pictures from Richard and Nick Bennett on tour for Neil Diamond's 50th anniversary tour, U.S. leg 2017, music: snippets from Richard Bennett's Valley Of The Sun , turn on the volume to listen ! :

19/8/2017 : Working on a new album , whilst taking a break from the Neil Diamond tour :

Een bericht gedeeld door Nick Bennett (@flipfonelife) op

Update 06/08/2017 : Richard Bennett interview with 372WN :

Update 20/02/2017 : Richard for Alisson Krauss :
Richard featured on guitar on new Alison Krauss album Windy City, listen here

Update 01/01/2017 : Nick Bennett fansite :

A life-long Nashvillian, Nick's been playing guitar and producing for a few years now.
His guitar playing can be heard on records by RayLand Baxter, Odessa, David Walters and Richard Bennett, among others.
He produced records for Nashville bands, NUDITY and PANGS.
Songs appear on the official Rolling Stones covers album, BMW's first electric car advertisement, the soundtrack for HBO's GIRLS and original programs for Mtv, Esquire, ESPN, etc.
Nick will join Neil Diamond's band in 2017.
There's now a brand new fansite (work in progress) where you can follow Nick , here's the link.
*find the fansite also on Facebook and Twitter*

Update 01/01/2017 : Steve Earle pays tribute to Richard Bennett :

Update 01/01/2017 : Neil Diamond , Under A Tennessee Moon , with RB footage :

Update 22/12/2016 : Richard and Nick Bennett in the Neil Diamond band 2017 :
Richard and his son Nick Bennett will be on Neil’s 50th Anniversary Tour beginning in April. You can find the tourdates here.

Update 17/11/2016 : Richard Bennett at Welcome To 1979 recording studio :
Richard Bennett at Welcome To 1979 recording studio as part of the "Recording Summit 2016 panel" , pictures by Jonathan Pines , find more info about the Recording Summite here and find more info about the studio here .

Update 15/11/2016 : A few pictures from Richard Bennett with Duane Eddy and Colin Bradley :

Here are a few pictures from Richard Bennett with Duane Eddy and Colin Bradley.
These pictures , among others, were taken at Sound Emporium studios in Nashville in June 2012, during the first sessions for what was to become the Big E tribute album to Buddy Emmons, which was produced by Steve Fishell.
Thanks to Colin Bradley for sending these pictures.

Update 24/09/2016 : Richard Bennett again on guitar for Neil Diamond :
A new album from Neil Diamond is on his way, "Acoustic Christmas" , again with work from Richard Bennett on guitar .
Find some info here.

Update 05/09/2016 : For German readers, an interview with RB in the September 2016 magazine from Professional Audio :

Update 30/07/2016 : Nashville Cats : salute to Richard Bennett :
The program starts at Sat, Jul 30 2016 8:30 PM CEST and will be streamed live, you can follow here :

An article appeared in Music Row

Pictured (L-R): Back row: Buddy Miller, Bergen White, Duane Eddy, Billy Sanford, Steve Gibson, David Briggs, Michael Rhodes. Front row: moderator Bill Lloyd, musician Nick Bennett, honoree Richard Bennett, musician Sean Weaver, Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum’s Abi Tapia.
Credits poster : Hatch Show Print

Update 09/06/2016 : Nashville Cats : salute to Richard Bennett :

Nashville Cats: Salute to Guitarist Richard Bennett Saturday, July 30, 2016 - 01:30pm
"From his early days as a young session guitarist in Los Angeles under the tutelage of Wrecking Crew mainstay Al Casey to his current role as the "other" guitarist in Mark Knopfler's band, Richard Bennett has built a career that has swung wide through pop, rock, and country music history.
He spent most of the 1970s and ’80s playing guitar for Neil Diamond before moving to Nashville and becoming a first-call session guitarist for Rodney Crowell and Emmylou Harris.
His guitar work can also be heard on albums by the Bellamy Brothers, Rosanne Cash, Vince Gill, George Jones, Miranda Lambert, George Strait, and Travis Tritt, He’s produced hit records for Steve Earle and Marty Stuart and recorded several albums of instrumental music, the latest of which is Contrary Cocktail. The interview will be illustrated with vintage photos, film footage, and recordings, and Bennett will perform briefly.
This program takes place in the Museum's Ford Theater and will also be streamed live at countrymusichalloffame.org/streaming. The live stream is powered by NewTek TriCaster. After the program, Bennett will sign Hatch Show Print posters commemorating the day.
Read more: Nashville Cats: Salute to Guitarist Richard Bennett

Update 19/05/2016 : Don't forget "For The Newly Blue" , great album :

Update 19/05/2016 : New song from Pangs, Killing Kind :

Update 16/05/2016 : Saurus new album , Millender Walk :
Released a few days ago , the new Saurus album "'Millender Walk" :

Update 08/05/2016 :Richard recorded for a new artist named Meghan Patrick, Grace & Grit :
Richard recorded for a new artist named Meghan Patrick, produced by Vince Gill, also Derek Wells , Justin Niebank and others , the album is called Grace & Grit and is just released , find more info here :

Update 23/04/2016 :Richard recorded with Dan Dugmore for Sergio Dab :
Last week Richard did a session for his friend and wonderful guitar player Sergio Diab.
He came all the way from Rio De Jeneriero to record in Nashville at The Castle in Franklin, Tennessee.
From left to right: Sergio, Dan Dugmore (who played steel guitar) and Richard :

Update 02/04/2016 :Richard recorded for a duet album from Steve Earle and Shawn Colvin called Colvin & Earle :
Together with Buddy Miller , Chris Wood , Fred Eltringham and Colin Dupuis Richard recorded for a duet album from Steve Earle with Shawn Colvin , release date Spring 2016
Here's a fine review that really captures what the record is about in Vents Magazine.
You can listen to "You're Right (I'm Wrong)" at rollingstone.com

Update 10/03/2016 : New credits for Richard Bennett :
Richard is credited in two new albums :
Meridian Rising from Paul Burch
Down To My Last Bad Habit from Vince Gill
Excited that my new album is available everywhere now! Download your copy and let me know what you think! umgn.us/d2mlbh
Geplaatst door Vince Gill op donderdag 11 februari 2016

Update 03/03/2016 : Here's a little clip from a jam for the movie "I Saw The Light" :

A little jam for the "I Saw The Light Movie" :Chris Scruggs (steel), Ray Kennedy, Richard Bennett (guitar), Rodney...
Geplaatst door Richard Bennett fansite op donderdag 3 maart 2016

Update 01/03/2016 : New release for Pangs : Rubicon :
Nashville band Pangs released a new single today , Rubicon.
You can have a listen here and buy it if you want :

Find the lyrics here . Find Pangs also here :

Update 29/02/2016 : Steve Earle's Guitar Town is 30 years :
Steve Earle's "Guitar Town" will be 30 years on March 5, 2016.
It topped the Billboard country album charts, and the title song reached #7 on the country singles charts.
Earle was also nominated for two 1987 Grammy Awards, Best Male Country Vocalist and Best Country Song, for the title track.
The album was recorded in late 1985 and early 1986 in Nashville, Tennessee, at Sound Stage Studio. Overdubs were later recorded at Nashville's Emerald Studios.
It was one of the first country music albums to be recorded digitally, utilizing the state-of-the-art Mitsubishi X-800. Each of the album's ten tracks was either written or co-written by Earle.
Click below to find Richard's role besides being co-producer and playing lead guitar :
American Songwriter.

Update 22/02/2016 : Another flashback , this time with Cerys Matthews in 2003 :

Update 22/02/2016 : Contrary Cocktail review in Vintage Guitar :
Rick Allen's Contrary Cocktail review in Vintage Guitar .

Update 22/02/2016 : Older Vintage Guitar magazine cover :

Update 21/02/2016 : Older picture's with Richard :
Here are some older picture's from Richard :
1981 Rodney Crowell Session , Richard Bennett, Larrie Londin, Emory Gordy Jr., Albert Lee.
This was original posted here.

Update 20/02/2016 : Interview with Richard Bennett in Grand Guitars 02/2016 :
There's an interview with Richard Bennett for German readers in Grand Guitars magazine edition 2/2016 :
You can find a link to our Facebook page: here

Update 20/02/2016 :Flashback : Richard Bennett Richard Bennett greets Prince Charles and Princess Diana. With Neil Diamond (l) and Ron Tutt (r). London, 1984 :

Update 01/01/2016 :Interview with Richard in Guitar Player - Holiday 2015 - Annual :
There's an interview with Richard in Guitar Player - Holiday 2015 - Annual , lots of facts about his latest album "Contrary Cocktail" and other stuff :

Update 08/12/2015 :Richard recorded for David Peterson's "Old Time Power" :
From the David Peterson Bluegrass Gospel Sessions "Old Time Power" .
Left to right - Mark Thornton, Charlie Cushman, David Grisman, Stuart Duncan, David Peterson, Larry Marrs, Richard Bennett and Dennis Crouch.

Update 01/11/2015 : Richard with Mark Knopfler , band and crew , Tracker tour 2015:

Update 30/10/2015 : Richard plays on Heidi Talbot's Christmas single:
Whilst on tour with Mark Knopfler Richard did a little recording session for Heidi Talbot's Christmas single:
Written by Boo Hewerdine produced by John McCusker featuring Richard Bennett, Phil Cunningham, Glen Worf & James Mackintosh. Record studio : hotel room in Atlanta.
Richard's comment : Glenn W. and I did some lampshade recording in the afternoon with John McCusker producing a Christmas song for Heidi Talbot.
We both overdubbed on the basic track with Mike McGoldrick engineering. The reason I call it lampshade recording is that’s Mike’s method for position a microphone.
Every hotel room has a free standing lamp and Mike loops the mic cord around the lampshade frame, positions it in front of the instrument and it’s a done deal.
The song was beautiful and sounded even better when we’d finished.

You can listen to the song here :

Update 24/09/2015 : Richard Bennett with his new John Page guitar, the Ashburn design:
Just before sound check at Pittsburg Pennsylvania 13 October, 2015 both Mark Knopfler and Richard were introduced to a new guitar line designed by John Page who worked for Fender for many years and started their custom shop back in the 1980s. After John left Fender he began building beautiful custom instruments and has recently partnered with Howard Swimmer to design and manufacture John Page Classics… a custom-production guitar. Howard brought two guitars that Mark and Richard played and they took to them straight away. The look, quality, feel and sound are all immediately evident. Check these instruments out, and by the way, you won’t believe how downright affordable they are: John Page guitars

Update 24/09/2015 : A David Kerns interview with Mark Knopfler's band:
The Mark Knopfler "Tracker tour" is now in the U.S. Here's a beautiful Richard Bennett picture from David Kerns .
David did an interview with a few Mark Knopfler bandmembers, you can find the interview here .

Update 28/08/2015 : Spooner Oldham re-issue "Pot Luck" :
Here’s an ancient piece of trivia that’s just been re-issued. Something Richard played on in 1971… Spooner Oldham’s “Pot Luck”.
You can find here some fine info.

Update 15/08/2015 : Richard Bennett has now his own signature model pedalboard the RB - Deluxe Plus :
Richard has now his own signature model pedalboard the RB - Deluxe Plus

Update 30/06/2015 : Nashville band Nudity turns into Pangs :
Nashville band Nudity turns into Pangs and just released two new songs ,
you can find an interview with Michelle from Pangs here and you can listen to the songs on their Bandcamp page here or here :

Find Pangs also here :

Update 25/04/2015 : Richard's new album Contrary Cocktail is released :
Richard's new album named Contrary Cocktail is released, you can order it here .
You can listen to excerpts here and here and you can find comments from Richard here .

Update 23/05/2015 : Richard played the guitar for Iris DeMent : ‘The Trackless Woods’

This August DeMent will follow up 2012’s ‘Songs of the Delta’ with her loving tribute to 20th century Russian poet and activist Anna Akhmatova.
Iris was gathering musicians and friends, including co-producer Richard Bennett (Emmylou Harris, Neil Diamond, Steve Earle),
to record ‘The Trackless Woods’ in her living room over a five-day period.
You can find more info here and here .
There's also an interview in Oxford American ,it's a very well regarded literary and music magazine.

Update 06/03/2015 : Richard plays on Lee Ann Womack's : Trouble In Mind Limited 3-Song Vinyl

Richard plays on Lee Ann Womack's : Trouble In Mind Limited 3-Song Vinyl , find more info here .
Update 10/04/2015 : Richard played live for Lee Ann Womack :
Richard played with Lee Ann Womack sings of sin, salvation at City Winery :

Photo: John Partipilo / The Tennessean

Update 26/01/2015 : Richard Bennett's new album named "Contrary Cocktail" will be out the middle of April :

Message from Richard :

"I've been busy since the top of the year recording and tying up loose
ends for my new record. The collection, called Contrary Cocktail,
will be out the middle of April. The record is an eclectic mix of
things... really a snap shot of what I've been thinking about and
writing over the last couple of years. I've recorded this album with
my pal Brad Jones engineering and co-producing at his studio Alex The
Great. Yes, that's the name of the studio and I've never asked why!
This record is different in many ways and I couldn't be happier with
how it's turned out."
Richard (26/01/2015)

Update 22/10/2014 : Richard on Neil Diamond's new album, Melody Road :
Earlier this year Richard was reunited with Neil Diamond,
Richard participated on Neil's new album Melody Road,
this album will be available on October 21.
Here's a note from Richard Bennett about the recording:

I headed Los Angeles last March to do some recording with my old pal and ex-boss Neil Diamond.
I ended up playing on two albums that were being recorded simultaneously, the first, Melody Road has just been released.
It had been nearly 20 years since I last shared a studio floor with Neil, though we'd seen each other several time in that gap.
It was a great week recording and being with him, very comfortable playing on his songs again after all this time.
He's a good man and I learned so much from Neil in those 17 years I was hanging around there.

It was an honour and joy to play music again with him.

Richard Bennett-21 October 2014

You can listen here to "The Art Of Love" :

Update 15/09/2014 : Richard is working on the soundtrack for the movie I Saw The Light, a biopic about Hank Williams :
Together with Rodney Crowell and Tom Hiddleston is Richard working on
the soundtrack for the movie I Saw The Light , a biopic about Hank Williams.
Recording soundtrack to upcoming Hank Williams biopic - I Saw the Light - (back l-r) Michael Rinne/bass, Tom Hiddleston/Hank, Chris Scruggs /steel guitar (front l-r) Wes Langlois/guitar, Stuart Duncan/ fiddle, Richard Bennett/guitar

Update 15/09/2014 : Richard in the house band to take part in a big tribute show to honour The Everly Brothers :
Richard will be in the houseband to take part in a big tribute show to honour The Everly Brothers, Oct. 25 at 7:30 p.m. at the State Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio, find here more info.

Update 26/10/2014:
You can find picture's from Richard at the gig here
You can find a gig review here
You can find Bye Bye Love here

Update 24/10/2013: We did an interview with Tom Calcaterra, Richard's guitar tech with Mark Knopfler:
Behind every great guitarist there’s a great guitar technician. The guitar technician doesn’t just know how to play and tune the instrument, they know it inside out. They understand the materials, the construction and how it all fits together. This is an interview with Tom Calcaterra, Tom works as a guitar tech on the road since many years for different bands and acts and was so nice to answer our questions about his work, life on the road and his experiences. Tom is Richard Bennett’s guitar tech when he’s on the road with Mark Knopfler. You can find the interview here

Update 29/05/2013 : Richard on the album The Big E, a tribute to Buddy Emmons :

Richard is proud that he is amongst the musicians that recorded for a tribute album for steel gitarist Buddy Emmons called The Big E.
Sessions included Duane Eddy, Dan Dugmore, Spooner Oldham and many more famous artists, the album is available from August 2013 .
Richard plays the acoustic guitar on the tracks "Blue Jade" , "When Your House is not A Home" and the bonus track "Mansion On The Hill"

Left to right Spooner Oldham, Duane Eddy, Dan Dugmore, Greg Morrow, Richard Bennett and Mike Brignardello. More legends than a road map at the Sound Emporium in June, 2012 for the The Big E sessions. The band tracked "Blue Jade," "Mansion On A Hill," and "When A House Is Not A Home," all in THREE hours!!!

Click on this link and enlarge the article in Vintage Guitar to read it:

Update 01/04/2013 : Richard's latest album "For The Newly Blue" is released today:
For The Newly Blue , release 2013:

Tracklist :
1. Your New Blue World
2. Until My Baby Went Away
3. Nashville Nocturne
4. Roustabout
5. A Parting Glance
6. Skin Of Gold
7. Port O'Call
8. Softly Come September
9. Blu-Bam-Bu
10.First In No One's Heart
11.Russe Roulette
12.Velvet Rain

You can listen to some excerpts on Richard's site : "click here"
Also beautiful is the behind the record page :"click here"
You can order the cd at CD BABY : "order here"
We did an interview with Richard about his latest album "For The Newly Blue" , you can read it here .

You can also listen to the excerpts here :

You can find some thoughts from Richard about the new album "here".

Update 08/05/2012 : Richard appears in Kent Hartman's book : The Wrecking Crew .

Kent Hartman has written a book about The Wrecking Crew, The Inside Story of Rock and Roll's Best Kept Secret .
The Wrecking Crew was a group of elite session musicians in Los Angeles, California, who earned wide acclaim in the 1960s. They backed dozens of popular singers, and were one of the most successful groups of studio musicians in music history.

After their Wrecking Crew period Richard played with all of them and thats the reason why Richard's photo is in the book .
If you like background stories buy this great book.

Many thanks to Richard and Kent Hartman
for sending me this picture.

Update 28/03/2012 : Earl Scruggs, Country Music Hall of Famer and bluegrass innovator, dies at age 88 .

It's always sad when a great musician passes. Some, like Earl Scruggs, go beyond merely playing well, they completely transform and revolutionise their instrument. Charlie Parker was one. Chet Atkins was another. And so was Earl Scruggs. When guys like that say good-bye they leave a hole in the world that can never be filled or healed.

Richard Bennett 03/04/2012

Here's a photo from the Grand Old Opry in 1999 on Mr. Scruggs' 75th birthday. I was playing the Opry with Marty Stuart, Scruggs was a guest on his part of the program and shared our dressing room. He was very subdued backstage and somewhat disengaged. Marty asked him if he was alright and Earl said, "I'm saving it for the show." He certainly was. When he was introduced he strode onstage like a man 50 years younger and played the house down.

Richard Bennett 03/04/2012

You can find info written by Peter Cooper in The Tennessean here and here