2011 contributions

Richard Bennett contributions 2011 :

Artist Album Year
Vince Gill Guitar Slinger2011
David Francey Late Edition2011
Brent Holmes Island Tunes for Kids 2011
Josh Macumber's That Road Won't Lead You There2011
Matrace Berg Dreaming Fields2011
Mickey Newbury An American Trilogy2011
SJ McArdle Blood and Bones2011
Pieta Brown Mercury2011
Miranda Lambert Four The Record2011
Pistol Annies Hell On Heels2011
Greg Brown Freak Flag2011
Rosanne Cash Essential2011

Update 11/11/2011 : Richard plays on "Guitar Slinger" the new album from Vince Gill :

Vince Gill just released his new album Guitar Slinger , Richard plays guitar on this album , you can listen to samples on Amazon
In this interview Vince says this about Richard's contribution :
Richard Bennett is a great guitar player who I always lean on. He maybe is one of the best supporting guitar players that I have ever known. He’s an odd duck in that he never really wants to play leads too often, but rather playing parts and rhythm guitars. He is just so great at coming up with really great stuff that really makes the records special. His parts are always a huge contribution to the records.

This is what Vince told years ago about Richard in : Guitar Player in this interview :
Richard Bennett—a superb guitarist who tours and records with Mark Knopfler—joins you on guitar on many of these tracks. When you bring in a second guitarist, what exactly are you looking and listening for? I want someone who doesn’t play the way I do. That would be too much of one thing. In Richard’s case, he would rather not play the solo—which is rare for a guitarist. He’ll say, “You play all the solos. I want to work the groove.” For Richard, it’s all about touch. Tom Bukovac—another Nashville studio guitarist who plays some great rock guitar on These Days—was watching Richard lay down a Strat part on one of my songs. Afterward, Tom said, “That’s the best Strat tone I’ve ever heard in my life.” That’s how good Richard is. He played on my first record 23 years ago—we’ve been friends forever—and he knows my playing better than I do. He has the greatest array of little acoustic instruments with names you can’t even pronounce in weird tunings, and he instinctively knows where to fill the holes, and what sounds will complement my guitar. It’s the same with Steuart Smith, who also does some great playing on these records. They add the parts they know I don’t and can’t do.

Update 29/09/2011 : Richard on David Francey's album ; Late Edition : Richard plays bouzouki and guitar on the album from David Francey called Late Edition.

Fats Kaplin, Richard Bennett, Lucas Kane, Kieran Kane and in front David Francey.
Photo credits: David Francey, Beth Girdler and Julien Fontaine

Update 27/01/2013 : Richard with Brent Holmes for the Fun Tunes For Kids project :

Brent Holmes is one of the best selling children's recording artists, his CD's features some world renowned musicians, including Richard Bennett and Glenn Worf on bass. The songs are very fun and educational. They're produced in such a way that adults can enjoy them as easily as children. Some albums with Richard on it are Bathtub Tunes for Kids , and from the next one are two different versions :Island Tunes for Kids (Caribbean Version) and Island Tunes for Kids (Hawaiian Version) . The Hawaiian version is with Richard on Hawaiian steel guitar, electric and acoustic guitars. On the Caribbean version was the steel guitar omitted and steel drums took their place. But all the albums are very nice and well worth to check them , you can find them here.

Update 30/08/2011 : More releases with Richard : Josh Macumber : "That Road Won't Lead You There" .

Matraca Berg : "The Dreaming Fields" :

Mick Newbury : "An American Trilogy" :

Update 14/07/2011 : Richard plays on 'Blood and Bones' the new album from SJ McArdle : Richard plays on 'Blood and Bones' the new album from the Irish artist SJ McArdle, it is released around 30th June 2011. You can buy the album on

"http://sjmcardle.com/shop/" , you can listen to it on "Soundcloud.com" or find a little more info in this "article" .

Update 08/07/2011 : Richard on the new Pieta Brown album called Mercury :

You can hear Richard's guitar playing on the new Pieta Brown album called Mercury :

This is what Richard told us about the recording sessions on his site : On the Brown/Ramsey front, Pieta Brown (Greg's daughter and Bo's wife) came to Nashville in May and we spent three grand days in the studio recording her new album. Bo manning the production duties and playing guitar as only he can. We recorded in a small, barn like studio an hour west of Nashville out in the country. It's drummer Chad Cromwell's studio and sits on 20 acres along with his home and horse barn. The line-up was Chad, Glenn Worf, Bo, Pieta and me. Again, everything went down live including Pieta's beautiful vocals. It was a fab three days of recording and when it was finished we'd done 15 or 16 songs. I spoke with Bo yesterday; both he and Pieta couldn't be happier with the record which will be released this autumn on Red House Records and is tentatively titled Mercury. Watch for it, it's good.

Fittingly, the album ends with the stunning "No Words Now," a song she wrote back stage one night after hearing Mark Knopfler and his band play live.

Available from September 27 , 2011 , "www.amazon.com".
Some more info with a few nice words from Richard : "www.rosebudus.com".

This is wath Richard told about the recording sessions :

Pieta Brown, Bo Ramsey, Chad Cromwell, Glenn Worf, engineer Mark Polack and I huddled in a barn-like recording studio an hour west of Nashville on 20 acres of rolling land. We emerged three days later with Mercury. Pieta's songs and melodies are beautiful, mystical, at times frightening. Her voice pulls you in to every story, every word and holds you there helplessly. Among the many miracles about Mercury are those disarming vocals, recorded live as Pieta was also playing some very righteous guitar. Records are not made this way anymore and there aren't many artists capable of pulling that sort of thing off for three days running or even just one song. Most artists aren't Pieta Brown. Richard Bennett Nashville, Tennessee
Read a very good review "here" .

Update 08/07/2011 : Richard and Miranda Lambert :

This is what Richard told us about his work on the new Miranda Lambert record :

The end of May found me working on Miranda Lambert's new record. I've played on her previous three albums, have watched her mature as a writer/artist and have an extremely high regard for her. Even though her music is very different, I think she is the heir apparent to Dolly Parton for her generation. Miranda's new record reflects this continued growth artistically as well as the recording process itself. The band line-up was three guitars, bass, drums with Miranda singing. The whole thing gelled into a self contained band that required next to nothing being added after the fact. Yet again, it all went down live as we played it..... something that has been missing from record making for a very long time now. It is by far the best record we've made with her and given the nature of how it was recorded I think will possibly stir up a lot of dust. Not sure when it will be released but I'll keep you posted.

Update 25/08/2011 : Richard and Miranda Lambert :

Miranda's new album is called "Four The Record" it will be available from 11/1/11 and the single is"Baggage Claim" .

You can find some info about the recordings "here".

Richard plays also on the side-project from Miranda called "Pistol Annies" . The album named "Hell On Heels" is available from August 2011.
Edit 18/02/2012 : The single has gone gold : 500.000 digital donwloads : read it on Keepin' It Country

Update 01/05/2011 : Richard on the new Greg Brown album called Freak Flag :

You can hear Richard's guitar playing on the new Greg Brown album called Freak Flag : "further info , click here".

Greg told this about Richard :

Richard is so good as to be nearly otherworldly--a complete delight to play music with. He came into the studio in Memphis for one day, jumped right in, and it was like we had all been jamming for years.

Richard Bennett , John Hampton , Greg Brown and Bo Ramsey (picture credits Bo Ramsey), Ardent Studio's 2010