Jeremy Bennett : Two Two

Jeremy Bennett :
DJ SAURuS : Richard's son Jeremy is an accomplished DJ, remix artist and has crafted a number of soundscapes from a stable of samples and organic sounds and instruments he's recorded himself. You'll also see an eclectic array of influences.

Find Jeremy's Music also here :

Update 16/05/2016 : Saurus new album , Millender Walk :
Released a few days ago , the new Saurus album "'Millender Walk" :

Update 18/01/2016 : Saurus album teaser , Millender Walk :
Saurus will release his first album soon, it's called Millender Walk and here's a little teaser :

Update 30/08/2014 : A new song from Two Two : Orange

Update 01/05/2014 : Lyrebird Artist Showcase 2013-02-17
Lyrebird is an experimental improv duo featuring Jeremy Bennett on electronics and Craig Schenker on saxophone and flute. Jeremy takes samples of Craig’s live sounds and weaves them into ever-evolving loops, which also feature field recordings and electronic synthesis. Craig then improvises new parts over Jeremy’s creations. You can find the podcast here .
Update 04/04/2014 :
Here's a new SAURus sound : ST :

and also Vines :
Update 28/07/2013 :
Here's a new SAURus sound : Biomes :

Update 25/07/2013 :
Here's a new SAURus sound : Millender Walk :

Update 09/03/2013 :

Here's a new SAURus remix : Nudity's "Lite U Up" :

Update 15/10/2012 : Shows with SAURuS :

SAURuS played at Betty's Bar and Grill at Nashville , November 29 , 2012 , find more info here .
On Saturday October 13th 2012 DJ SAURuS played a show at Betty's Bar and Grill at Nasville , find more info here .
On Friday August 3th 2012 Nudity , DJ SAURuS and Foster Dad played a show at Betty's Bar and Grill at Nasville , find more info here .

Update 09/03/2012 : You can listen to the music here :

Latest tracks by SAURuS

This is what Jeremy tells us about himself at Soundcloud :

DJ Shadow, Icarus, Tortoise, Brian Eno, Deerhoof, Hive, Radian, Four Tet, Isambard Khroustaliov, Fatboy Slim, Caribou, Battles, Dirty Projectors, Thomas Newman, Jerry Goldsmith, John Williams, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Morton Subotnick, Caribou, John Coltrane, Triosk, Supersilent, Prodigy,

my setup:
-laptop w/ logic pro/ableton
-midi controllers (Roland Handsonic 10, standard keyboard)
-turntables (for sampling and scratching)
-field recorder
-various trinkets (bells, xylophones, mbira, chimes, whatever sounds nice)

I'm always working on music in some capacity. My ideas have changed a lot in the last few years, and I like that. I like to think that creating music (or any art) is a process by which you constantly home in on an expressive "voice" so to speak. In my case, each successive idea becomes a step closer towards some idealized musical style that I'd like to hear. Of course the whole fun of this creative process is that the closer I get to finding that "voice", the more complex and specific my overall end goal becomes. In that sense, the creative process is a self-perpetuating one.How convenient!

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