Neil Diamond's RRT 2017

Find here all about Richard and Nick Bennett as NDRRT members for 
Neil Diamond's 50th Anniversary 2017 tour.

Update 22/12/2016 : Richard and Nick Bennett in the Neil Diamond band 2017 :
Richard and his son Nick Bennett will be on Neil’s 50th Anniversary Tour beginning in April. You can find the tourdates here.

Update 21/10/2017 : Bennett's memory box :
Bennett's memory box for Neil Diamond's world tour 2017 .
Music from :
Richard Bennett , Code Red Cloud Nine
Pangs (Nashville band) , Rubicon

Picture from Amanda Hamlyn :

With accordionist Máirtín O'Connor

With John McCusker in Glasgow :

Picture from Tom Hensley , Antwerp :

In Zurich with King :

Richard and Tom Hensley in Amsterdam :

Just a normal day off in Torrance

Een bericht gedeeld door Nick Bennett (@flipfonelife) op

The Forum L.A. backstage :

Nick and Richard with Richard's brother ,Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz, drummer best known for working with the singer-songwriter "Weird Al" Yankovic.

Update 10/08/2017 : Here are some pictures from Richard and Nick Bennett on tour for Neil Diamond's 50th anniversary tour, U.S. leg 2017, music: snippets from Richard Bennett's Valley Of The Sun , turn on the volume to listen ! :

Phoenix pictures from azcentral :

Picture from Tom Hensley , dinner in Phoenix :

Picture posted by Tom Hensley , Richard's birthday dinner :

Picture from Tina Hagerling for The Know , Denver :

Picture from Matt Smith :

Update 04/06/2017 : Pictures from Kristen Belic:

Neil Diamond - Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon , around minute two there are a few seconds with the Bennett boys doing what they do best :

Neil Diamond - Forever In Blue Jeans , with a few words from Neil about Richard :

Update 02/06/2017 : More pictures
Picture from Keith Lawrence

Update 30/05/2017 : More pictures
Neil takes Nick and Richard out to the ball game! Cleveland beats Oakland 5 - 3. 📷: Neil Diamond bottom of the 4th homer by Carlos Santana
Picture from Mark LeVang, travel day to Cleveland :

Update 02/05/2017 : More pictures
Picture from Mark LeVang :

Update 24/04/2017 : More pictures
Message from Nick Bennett :
My guitar teachers. Gene Ford (center) is a wonderful guitarist who played in the Nashville Mandolin Ensemble and taught budding guitarists at Bellevue Music, the shop where I eventually had my first job. Lovely guy and loved catching up over mojitos and ropa vieja in Tampa.

Update 20/04/2017 : Picture from Theron Denson:

Richard Bennett, Nick Bennett, Jeremy Bennett, Theron Denson and King Errisson

Update 15/04/2017 : Picture from Atiim Jones:

Update 14/04/2017 : Just a beer:

Update 13/04/2017 : The Dad and The Lad:

Update 03/04/2017 : A few words from Hadley Hockensmith :

Update 28/03/2017 : First day of rehearsals on the sound stage for Neil Diamond's world tour 2017 :

Update 26/03/2017 : Richard Bennett with King Errisson taking a break from the Neil Diamond rehearsals:

Update 16/03/2017 : Richard Bennett in rehearsal for Neil Diamond:

With Hal Blaine, Burmuda Schwartz and Nick Bennett :

Update 13/02/2017 : Start rehearsals in Los Angeles:
Mark LeVang announced the rehearsals start on his NDRRT Facebook page.

Update 21/12/2016 : Richard's announcement that he's on Neil Diamond's world tour 2017:

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