Tony Brown, Bruce Hinton, Marty Stuart, and Richard Bennett at an MCA Records party to celebrate the gold record certification of Marty Stuart's album "The One's Gonna Hurt You.", 1993-05-25

Rocky Schnaars (engineer), Johnny Cash, Marty Stuart and Richard Bennett at Javelina Studio in Nashville, 1991-12-31

Here's the story (from Richard himself) about his and Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz' connection with "Weird Al" Yancovic :

Richard and Jon recorded some novelty songs in their parents' living room in Beverly Hills in 1971. Jon would send them to a DJ in LA known as Dr Demento who would play them on his live radio show. Woodsy Owl and Mr Ghost Goes to town were a couple. Richard had started playing as a session musician in LA in 1969 during which period he met Tom Hensley, maestro of the keys and also a session player. Richard also joined Neil Diamond's recording and touring band as lead guitarist in 1971, Tom joined in 1975. Diamondville Tom. Tom and Dr Demento (Barry Hansen) had known each other for a while. They met through The Roto Rooter Band in which Tom played sometimes and produced their records. Dr Demento/Barry was a fan and played their records. Tom introduced Richard to Dr Demento/Barry and the three went out to dinner a few times, I remember going with them one night. Barry was a music historian and knew everything about everything. The three of them would gather in Richard's music room after dinner, a converted garage (shown in the above photo) at our house on Lake Hollywood Drive, where Richard stored his collection of 78s and the three would listen to really weird records together. In 1978 or 79 Richard asked Barry if it would be alright to come to the radio show one night and bring his younger brother Jon. Performers would just turn up to play on the show solo and on this particular night is was Weird Al who was debuting a new song. Various people hanging in the studio would play an assortment of noisemakers. Jon told them he was a drummer and so they gave him Weird Al's accordion case to pound on. Thus began the amazing collaboration of Jon and Weird Al that continues to this day.

Richard with Becky Hobbs , 1989

L-R Emory Gordy Jr., Richard Bennett, Alan Lindgren, Albert Brooks, Danny Nicholson, Neil Diamond, Hat guy?, Jefferson Kewley, Fred Smoot, Jerry Murphey and ???

Taken at today's induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame of Mickey Raphael as a 'Nashville Cat'.
RB with fellow Cats, Duane Eddy and Jimmy Capps. Photo credit, Deed Eddy

With Jimmy Hall at Wishbone Studios in Muscle Shoals with Mark Narmore, Justin Holder, David Hood, and Spooner Oldham.

With Frank Dean and Mark Knopfler

Recording session for the new Phil Lee album with George Bradfute and Bill Lloyd at Tone Chaparral , Madison

Photo: Lawson Little — met Allison Moorer, Phil Lee en George Bradfute

Richard with Al Casey

Richard with his Barker guitar , read the story about the guitar in this interview

Richard and Rosanne Cash (credits Rosanne Cash)

Sept. 18, 2010 Station Inn, Nashville. CD - Release night for "Eric Brace & Peter Cooper: Master Sessions" and "Peter Cooper: The Lloyd Green Album" Here's an end-of-night shot of the players: Eric Brace, Richard Bennett, Pat McInerney, Mike Auldridge, Jen Gunderman, Kim Carnes, Alex McCollough, Jon Byrd, Steve Fishell, Peter Cooper (Photo by Stacie Huckeba)

    credits : Mike Humeniuk
With Bo Ramsey , credits Pieta Brown

Earlier times

Thelonious Moog, Nashville, TN March 2007, By Brian Turner

Richard with Mike Henderson

Richard with the Nashville Mandolin Ensemble

Richard with Neil Diamond

With Mark Knopfler

Glenn Worf , Rudy Pensa and Richard

Chad Cromwell , Vince Gill , Richard , Big Al Anderson ,
Jerry Douglas , Glenn Worf , Scott Baggett

Fats Kaplin , Phil Lee , Richard , George Bradfute at Tone Chaparral

At Shangri-La studio's with MK and band

Richard , Marty Stuart and Kent Blanton

Marty Stuart , Richard Bennett , Steve Earle and Harry Stinson

Zoe McCulloch and Richard

The Notorious Cherry Bombs

With Steve Earl , Ryman Auditorium , Nashville ,
6 February 2002

Sweethearts Of The Rodeo : from left to right, Kristine Arnold, Rick Lonow, Richard Bennett, Dave Pomeroy, Al Perkins,and Janis Oliver. Photo by Cybelle Codish

Richard with MK and band and Chet Atkins

A picture from 1986 signed by Neil Diamond

Here's a photo from the 1989 sessions for Marty Stuart's Hillbilly Rock album on which RB produced and played guitars. L-R Marty, Leland Sklar, RB, Glen D. Hardin, Tony Brown and Billy Thomas. Photo by Beth Gwinn

Dave Lambert Session 1977 with Richard Bennett, John Entwistle,Spencer Proffer, Larry Brown, Denny Seiwell.
Here's a link to an interview with Dave where he tells this :
The album, Framed, was made in Los Angeles and it was a fantastic experience. I had Richard Bennett on guitar and Tom Hensley on keyboards, both from the Neil Diamond band. Denny Sewell, who’d recently left Wings was on drums and, for most of the tracks, John Entwistle played bass (Leland Sklar played bass on the tracks when John wasn’t available). John and I had been friends since 1960 but this was the first time I’d had the chance to play with him. The whole band was so easy to work with, they were keen and, obviously, bloody good.

with Denny Seiwell , Denny is a great drummer, jazz, rock, pop anything.. and of course was the drummer in what was arguably the best line-up of Paul McCartney's Wings .

Richard Bennett in a previous life , Neil Diamond gallery:

With Mark Knopfler band and crew Tracker tour 2015.

Richard Bennett recorded with Buddy Miller , Chris Wood , Fred Eltringham and Colin Dupuis for a duet album from Steve Earle with Shawn Colvin , 14 sides in five days all of it live

From the David Peterson Bluegrass Gospel Sessions "Old Time Power" . Left to right - Mark Thornton, Charlie Cushman, David Grisman, Stuart Duncan, David Peterson, Larry Marrs, Richard Bennett and Dennis Crouch.

Richard Bennett recorded for a new artist named Meghan Patrick, produced by Vince Gill, also Derek Wells , Justin Niebank and others.

Older Vintage Guitar magazine cover .

Here are some older picture's from Richard, 1981 Rodney Crowell Session , Richard Bennett, Larrie Londin, Emory Gordy Jr., Albert Lee.

Richard Bennett greets Prince Charles and Princess Diana. With Neil Diamond (l) and Ron Tutt (r). London, 1984 .

Here are a few pictures from Richard Bennett with Duane Eddy and Colin Bradley.
These pictures , among others, were taken at Sound Emporium studios in Nashville in June 2012, during the first sessions for what was to become the Big E tribute album to Buddy Emmons, which was produced by Steve Fishell.
Thanks to Colin Bradley for sending these pictures.

Richard Bennett with legendary drummers : his brother Bermuda Schwartz and Hal Blaine !

With Tom Hensley.

At The Greek Theater, Neil Diamond, 1972

The "Old Hippie" session at Emerald Studios Nashville early 1985 with Emory Gordy/Producer/Bass Guitar, Richard Bennett/Guitar, Reggie Young/Guitar, Billy Joe Walker/Guitar, Matt Betton/Drums Jon Jarvis/Keyboards, Steve Tillis/Engineer.

NDRRT band rehearsal 1974/75 Hollywood, California, Modern Musical Service rehearsal hall. David Hungate, Larry Williams, RB, Dennis St. John, ND, Alan Lindgren, Emory Gordy Jr. -cwb — met David Hungate, Larry Williams, Dennis St John en Emory Gordy Jr..